About Quantum Financial Freedom

Quantum has developed a “6 steps to financial freedom” process. This is what we call a Quantum Wealth Plan.

During this process, we will work with you to achieve financial freedom and true financial independence. With the ultimate aim of accumulating sufficient assets to meet your retirement needs and goals.

This is what we at Quantum call reaching Financial Freedom.

6 Steps to Financial Freedom

Step 1 – Your Own Home

Step 2 – Get your Superannuation in order

Step 3 – Taxation

Step 4 – Investment Property

Step 5 – Shares

Step 6 – Financial Freedom

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Step 1 - Your Own Home

At the centre of any good wealth plan is your own home.

You may not currently have your own home, so this first step involves buying your first home, then paying down the mortgage and creating equity in your home. The goal is to start creating instant equity that you can use for future investments. If you do own your own home, then you are well on your way to completing these steps.

Step 2 - Get your Superannuation in Order

Ensuring that you have sufficient superannuation in place is paramount to any wealth plan.

Superannuation is one of the most tax effective investment vehicles in Australia and all investors should try to maximize the amount of funds that you accumulate in superannuation overtime. A key component that is often overlooked by most, is the importance of reviewing review your superannuation from a perspective of the fees that are being charged and performance as well. One alternative is to set up your own self-managed superfund (SMSF). Quantum have been helping clients manage SMSF’s for over 30 years.

Step 3 - Taxation

Get the right taxation structures. Australians pay some of the highest personal tax rates in the world.

Quantum works with clients to ensure that you have adequate tax structures for both pre and post retirement, with an emphasis on ensuring that you pay only the required tax that is applicable to yourself.

Step 4 - Investment Property

Safe as houses! This is a commonly used phrase for a reason.

Regardless of ups and downs in the property market, long term property investment is one of the best performing assets you can have. So start building your own property portfolio in addition to your family home. This is done by utilising negative gearing into new property transactions in your home state and other capital cities in Australia. Quantum focuses on the three main capital cities on the eastern seaboard, these being - Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Step 5 - Shares

Balance your investment portfolio. This involves investing in shares and equities and can be done directly or indirectly via a range of managed funds and exchange traded options.

Quantum has a number of information kits available to explain to investors how to buy share or funds and how to leverage these as well as ensuring you are able to maximize the tax benefits as well as receiving capital growth from your investment.

Step 6 - Financial Freedom

Your Financial Freedom is using the combination of all 5 steps above.

Financial freedom or financial independence is the position whereby you have sufficient assets to generate enough income to meet your financial requirements at retirement.

This snap shot gives you an introduction to the 6 steps Quantum recommends as a process to create real wealth, or what we call a “Quantum Wealth Plan”.

The creation a Quantum Wealth Plan is a 4 Stage process.

To learn more about how we approach the wealth plan and the stages that take place, click on the link below to watch our ‘4 Stages’ video.


You can also access case studies and example of how we have worked with clients to create real changes and investment options to allow them to focus on the aim of reaching financial freedom earlier. This can be viewed at https://www.quantumwealthplan.com.au/samplecase.php.

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