Protecting your family assets and income is of critical importance when creating a wealth plan. At Quantum we not only focus on wealth creation strategies but also on the overall protection of what you already have.

At Quantum we will discuss and outlined he general nature of your insurance requirement. We then can build a detailed insurance plan, following a questionnaire that is used to help us work through your insurance requirements, this will be provided by Quantum Investment Solutions Pty Ltd which holds an appropriate license to provide advice on your overall insurance needs. We then will provide a Statement of Advice (SOA) for you review and consider the appropriateness of our recommendations.

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Life and TPD

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a lump sum payment to your family and other beneficiaries in the event of your death or upon being diagnosed with a terminal illness. The purpose of life insurance is to provide your family with financial security if you were to pass away.

Sometimes life cover is also known as life insurance or death cover. It is a way of protecting your family's financial future. A lump sum payment in the event of your death or on diagnosis of a terminal illness where death is likely to occur within 12 months subject to the terms of your policy.

Life cover provides much needed financial security in a time of uncertainty. The lump sum payment can help cover mortgage payments, school fees, bills, groceries, other living expenses and funeral costs. The loss of a loved one is enough to deal with and the last thing you want your family to worry about at a time like that is their finances. Life cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that they will be taken care of if you are no longer around.

Life insurance can also include multiple different types of cover for you to choose from, depending on your circumstances:

  • Term life insurance
  • Trauma insurance: Provides a lump sum of money to help you meet medical expenses and clear debts when you have suffered a medical trauma
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover: Provides a lump sum payment if you become totally and permanently disabled so that you are no longer able to work
  • Income Protection Insurance: Provides a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to serious illness or injury
Life Cover can come with many options and add-ons, so chat with your Quantum advisors to seek the best results to achieve your stated cover requirements.

Income Protection

What is income protection?

Income Protection Insurance is all about taking care of your most one of your most important assets, you and your income.

With Income Protection Insurance, if you’re unable to work because you’re sick or injured, the policy will pay you a monthly benefit, so you can focus on getting better, without worrying about your finances and who will pay your monthly bills.
Some things to consider are:

  • Premiums are usually tax deductible
  • Cover is typically limited to 75% of your income
  • Keep your premiums low by choosing your level of cover and Waiting Period
  • Choose from a range of optional covers for greater protection as example:
  • Home maker Insurance
  • Childers insurance
  • Pay fortnightly, monthly or yearly – at no extra cost

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