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QMoney will take you one step closer to taking control of all your finances, money, and investments.

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Opening an account and get going it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Borrow - Loan Company Website Template

Financial Wellness & Longevity Trust us

We connect all your banks, investment funds, shares, finance, and insurance to optimise your wealth and model you the realistic future.

Get Started

Opening an account and get going it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1.

Register your details

Step 2.

Link your accounts

Step 3.

Set up your budget


Quantum provides the tools to help you make better decisions about your money. It is like a personal financial assistant that never stops working for you – you’re the boss but we’ve got your back.

Single View of Money

You can almost 500 Australian financial institutions and model the cashflow, budget and have 360 view from single platform.

Track your Outgoings

You can track all your money getting out of your pocket. This helps you plan, save & remove bills and fees like never before.

Know your Networth

See all your assets and liabilities in one place, including all of your bank accounts, superannuation, investments, properties, vehicles, cash, credit cards, loans, mortgages and more!

Understand your cashflow

Have a quick view of how your overall income compares to your overall expenses and your budget targets.

Track your bills

Always know which bills are coming up. We’ll remind you before they are due to avoid unnecessary fees.

Track Your Budget

Decide where your money is going. Our flexible budget is super easy to setup and track. We even suggest targets based on your previous transactions.

How does it work?

Well the process is pretty simple.



Securely connect all your financial institutions accounts and create reports, presentations from in single paltform.


Track & Explore

Track each bits of your money from a single platform. See you who is paying whom, and were all your hard earned money goes.


Plan & Model

Plan your cashflow looking at the deatils like spending, budget, fess, and model with the “what if scenario” to create real wealth.

Simple & Secure

Your security is our highest priority. QMoney works to protect your information, prevent unauthorized account access, and notify you of unusual activity. We use the same SS L encryption that banks use and ensure that there is a world-class firewall service protecting us and you.
We provide a strictly read-only view of your transaction information your online banking usernames and passwords are never displayed after in them during the first session.

Bank-level Security

Secure servers, encryption based, privacy verified by physical security.

Read only access

No one (not even you) can move or remove money from your financial accounts.

70 million users worldwide

Your data is provided to us by Yodlee, a global leader in banking technology. A company with over 70 million users worldwide.

Real Money Modelling

Debt Model

We will help you create a plan that will help you pay your debt sooner and save on interest and fees. We will keep track of it and alert you when you are falling behind.

Retirement Model

Planning for retirement can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Our Plan for Retirement tool will help you create a plan to achieve your retirement goals.

Property Model

Buying a property is one of Australians’ biggest dreams, and we’ll help you achieve it! Our Own my Own Home feature will estimate the total cost of your purchase, find out if you can get any grants and concessions

Security FAQ's

Our mission is to deliver reliable, latest news and opinions.

In order to give our users a 360-degree view of their finances, we need access to your banking data and transactional information. Bank login credentials are required for system to securely retrieve this information via our financial data aggregation provider, Yodlee. Quantum never stores your bank login credentials - they are transmitted securely via the app, directly to Yodlee, using 256 bit SSL encryption end-to-end.
In order to access your financial information and ensure that it is kept as safe as possible, we utilise a service provider called Yodlee who is the leading financial data aggregation platform provider globally. Yodlee is a trusted partner for many banks and finance institutions and has 20 years in the industry with ten of those years available in the Australian market. Yodlee’s comprehensive risk management program is designed to intelligently focus resources and efforts to minimize security risk profiles. The process consists of formal risk assessments at the organizational and product level. In addition, risk management is incorporated into all facets of their processes, including integration with application development, data centre operations, and internal security processes.
Trust and Transparency are two of our strongest company values that we are our central focus. We encrypt all of your data end-to-end using 256 bit SSL encryption and follow the same security protocol standards that the banks do. In addition to this, we’ve also chosen as a company to opt-in as a member of Australian Government’s Privacy Act Optin Register which is all about making a public commitment to good privacy practice as a company.
Feel free to contact us anytime. If you have any further questions, contact us at
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