Quick Wealth Check-Up

  • Report your likely retirement balance at retirement.
  • Tells you what you can save up to retirement.
  • Allows you to make yearly top-ups.
  • Allows you to make cash contribution post-retirement.
  • Allows you to factor in lump sum withdrawals.

One way to see if you are on track to reach your retirement goals or a great way to start preparing for retirement is by using one of Quantum’s Retirement Planning calculators, its our “Wealth Check-up”.

This calculator can produce a report, that will not only illustrate what you can expect to have in funds ready for retirement, but also help with your retirement planning.

Please Note that this calculator is based upon a range of assumptions that might not hold true into the future and projections, figures in the calculator can vary with small changes in important variables.

The calculation and figures are not saved, unless you wish to keep them, so you can get a screen shot of report. If you want a full report downloaded, you need to provide additional information like name and email, so we can save and you can retrieve and review. This will also provide access to the full calculator with ability to vary assumption, and remodel various option and save them for further reviews. An advisor at Quantum can contact you and walk you through the various modelling available.

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